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On-Page & Off-Page SEO for PhotoShooting

+20% Organic Traffic Grow Year to Year | +40% of keywords Google TOP-3


✔ Search Engines Optimization Expert

Project goal

✔About the Project
SantoriniDress is a company that provides photo shooting services in Italy, Greece, UAE, and Mexico.
Their clients live in the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, and Japan.
✔Main Target
Increase ranking and push conversion keywords in TOP-3 Google.


This company had excellent SEO results because they have worked on SEO for six years, but in 2022 they are faced with a competitor that overrank their website.
This is the main reason why they decided to change the old SEO company and rely on our vision.

Work on search promotion began in June 2022 with the development of an internal optimization scheme:
― gather semantic core for 200 keywords
― construct the structure of the site
― create meta-tags
― develop technical tasks for copywriting with internal cross-linking.

For the next two weeks, we were engaged in writing optimized articles for the site and implementing a site optimization scheme and technical SEO settings.

Next two months, we expanded the website optimization to 150+ new keywords and started working on Off-Page optimization.

✔Results in just three months:
― overrank competitors on important keywords
― +20% Organic Traffic Grow Year to Year
― +10% of semantics additionally in the Google TOP-10
― +40% of keywords ranked in the Google TOP-3


site’s structure

keywords in Top 10 Google 

created meta-tags

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