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FB & IG Ads for Hiring Truck Drivers

CPL — $9 | Lead Generation for Hiring Truck Drivers | Facebook Ads


✔FB & IG Lead Generation Expert

Project goal

✔About the Project
Noza is a company that provides logistic services.
Promotion region — USA.
✔ Main Goal
Collect potential employees’ contacts (name and cellphone number) through a lead form.


✔First of all, we analyzed the current situation.
Therefore, we’ve developed the following Audience Segments for further promotion:
1. Looking for a job
• Interests: Shift work, Job interview, Employment, career development, Application for employment, Employment website, Employment agency, Job fair, Job or Job hunting.
• And must also match:
• Interests: Trucks, Semi-trailer trucks or Logistics.
2. Interested in trucks
• Interests: Trucks, Semi-trailer trucks or Logistics.
3. General/Wide

Then we made 12 customized ads for different placements (Facebook Feed, Instagram, and Stories).
Later we maintained the campaign made A/B tests every two weeks — changing banners, target audiences and, texts, and others to improve conversion rate and reduce cost per lead.

✔Test period results:
— Adv Budget — $477
— Leads received — 53 pcs.
— Average Cost per Lead — $9

Therefore, we consider the test period successfully completed — other results under NDA.






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