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FB & IG Ads for B2B SaaS Company

ROAS +1200% | Lead Generation for SaaS Company | Facebook Ads for B2B


Lead Generation Expert

Project goal

✔About the Project
Advertising campaign for SaaS.
The promotion region is Europe, South America, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, and South Korea.

✔Main Goal
Collect potential customers’ contacts (name, email, and phone number) through a lead form.


We’ve developed the following Audience Segments for further promotion:
― Users 30-65+ years old. They want to make it easier for dispatchers to manage field employees.
Behavior: Small business owners.
Position: Director General, Co-Founder and COO, Co-Owner, Owner/Managing Director, Founder, Director, Own Business, Founder / Owner, Owner and CEO, Director (business), Business Owner., CEO (owner) or Founder, Founder.
― Users aged 25-65+. They want to optimize the work of their field employees.
Behavior: Small Business Owners or Company Page Administrators.
Position: Executive director, Chief information officer, Chief technology officer, Owner, Senior Vice President, Vice President, Chief financial officer, Director General, Co-Founder and COO, Co-Owner, Founder, Director, CEO, Executive Vice President (EVP), Owner and Founder, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Founder and Managing Director, Head of IT Department, Owner and CEO, Director (business), Information Technology Director (IT Director), Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Director of Information Technology, Technology Director, Operations Director, Branch Office Manager, Chief Information Officer (CIO), Director of Operations, Director of Technology, Information Technology Director, Vice President of Operations, Founder, or Managing Director.
― Look-alike — Users aged 21-65+. Similar to the clients of the company.

Then we made 12 customized ads for different placements (Facebook News Feed, Instagram, and Stories).
Later we maintained the campaign made A/B tests every two weeks — change banners, target audiences and, texts, and others to improve conversion rate and reduce cost per lead.

The cost of the leads during the test period was twice as low as the cost of a month of the cheapest PlanadoApp subscription.
Therefore, we consider the test period successfully successfully completed — other results under NDA.

✔Test period results:
― Advertising budget ― $253
― Leads received ― 41 pcs.
― Cost per lead ― ~$6.2





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